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I called Marlin this morning and they are going to send me a brand new stock. I just hope nothing internal is ruined also. Everything seems to look fine inside, however I did find a metal filing when I was cleaning it. The Buffalo Bore (ammo people) say that thats not uncommon for a brand new gun. I just hope he's right. He also said that the ammo has 40,000cps, and I cant seem to find a reputable source to let me know how much my new rifle can take.

The Buffalo Bore people said that when a stock cracks like that, its usually because there was a hairline crack or a small defect in it from the factory.

Have you had any problems with your rounds printing low at 50yds with open sights, using the big bore ammunition? I seem to be getting two different opinions on this matter. One opinion is that there is something wrong with my new rifle, and the other is that the heavier 430gr bullet and the cheap sights are the reason.

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