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I just picked up my new Guide Gun yesterday. I purchased some Buffalo Bore Ammunition in order to sight my prized rifle in. Ammunition specifics are as follows: 430gr. L.B.T.-L.F.N.-G.C. (1925fps)(hard cast bullet). The warning posted on the ammunition is as follows: "45-70 Magnum ammunition is intended for use in and is safe for use in only the following firearms: Browning Mod. 1885 and 1886, Marlin Mod. 1895 manufactured since 1972, Rugers #1 and #3, new production Winchester 1886, and Shiloh Sharps rifles".

I fired 8 shots through my new rifle and went home to clean it, when I noticed a small crack in the top of my stock where the receiver screws into it. Is this normal? or should I not be using this kind of ammo?

I also found out that I cant raise my rear sight up enough to be on target at 50yds. I am still about 3 inches low.

I hope I can get my stock fixed (even though its a small crack, I can't stand knowing its there).

Thanks for your help,
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