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Long Path, this discussion leads to another tangent, the question of copyright infringment.

Suppose a member posted a photo of a deer which had been killed quickly and humanely, but the picture was 'gross and icky' by the teenaged preppie girl standards by which antihunting organizations attract public attention. Then suppose the picture apears on the antihunting website.

How would the artist go about filing criminal copyright infringement charges on the hostiles who repost his picture? CAN he file charges? Can he sue?

Armed, no I don't think that you'd ever be able to beat the speed of light unless they ever come out with laser rifles. Deer detect motion so it is also possible that in bright light they might see your hand move to pull the trigger. (I think the muzzle flash is more obvious) This is one of the reasons I shoot for bigger parts. You won't mess up much meat shooting through the ribs just behind the front legs unless you eat deer lungs. :barf:
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