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I cannot answer for Rich, but I have been there and done that. Usually Plott hounds or a Cur dog is used to trail and bay the hog. Please notice that Cur dog is capitolized, these are distinct breeds of dogs that hunt with a different style than hounds. They generally use the wind born scent and eyes alittle more than hounds.

After a hog is bayed you slip up and decide if you want him or not. A top quality bay dog will set the boar hogs down. It has to do with dog teeth and the location of the hogs testicals. If the decision is made to catch it a 'catch dog' is released. These are usually pit bulls or pit crosses. They almost always have a cut vest on, these a kevlar vests buckled on the top and cover the dogs under side.

The catch dogs grab an ear and hang on. The hog will pound the dogs underside with his tusks and this is where the vests come in. After the dogs have the hog caught you may catch the hog yourself, pick up its back legs or you may stick it. A good sheath knife works just fine.

This is not for the faint of heart and you better have an eye on the hog and another on a tree. If the dogs fail to hold the hog or fail to catch it you may become the hunted, fortunately for hog hunters, hogs cannot climb. A hog will cut you if he gets the chance.

You really need to go on a hunt in the swamps of the southeast.
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