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When I started reloading, I only wanted to reload for 38/357 and that is still the only cartridge I reload. I had no idea what equipment would best suit my needs. Without doing a lot of research, I bought the RCBS Master Reloader Kit with the Rockchucker press. I have not regretted doing so. The kit comes with everything needed to start loading your favorite cartridge except the dies and shell holder. Since I have more time for reloading than I do for shooting, this press suits my needs perfectly. I enjoy every step of the reloading process, even to the point of seating and crimping the bullet in separate operations. It is good therapy for me and I can pay close attention to every procedure. I use Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension titanium nitride dies (love 'em). In addition, I purchased a dial caliper and I had to order a shell holder plate for the case trimmer to hold 38/357 (strangely this size didn't come with the kit). I plan to add a Little Dandy pistol powder measure because I think it would be better suited for my loading purposes (small powder charges) and an electronic scale.
I will someday move on to a progressive, but for now, I am very happy with my set up. Good luck with your choices and happy shooting!

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