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(I've been reloading about 11 years and the only progresive I own is a Hornady Apex for shotshells. I'm mainly a rifle shooter and I don't feel loading match/precision ammo on a progresive will bring out it's maximum potential. I guess this is why reloading to me is more labor than love but in my case I feel it's necessary.)

To Mouse Gun and others who believe you can get better ammo out of a single stage. Thei is an old wives tail. Here is a clue: The bullet doesn't know what kind of press you use, the dies touch the round, not the press. Mone of the commercial reloaders use anything but automated machine for match ammo. I weighed each charge from my dillon 650, they were within 1/10 grain. You are more apt to make mistakes and load faulty ammo with a single stage. But if you old timers have a lot of time on your hands and like to waste it, Rock Chuck away.

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