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Top three choices:
1. Dillion, 2. Dillion, or 3. Dillion!

Reasons why:
5. Best equipment out there.
4. I have called them several times and they have always provided me the information I needed and then some.
3. Equipment available for just about every caliber known to man.
2. You get what you pay for.
1. Their lifetime gurantee. I have seen and heard horror stories of people doing stupid things (like the guy who A.D.'d into his press) and they have taken care of every single one (that I know of free of charge). First hand example-I got a brand new Boxer puppy who liked to chew on electrical cords. Before I could break him of this dangerous habit he chewed up the cord on my Dillion Brass Tumbler (it was not plugged in at the time luckily.) I contacted Dillion to see how much it would cost me to replace it and they said sent it to them and they fixed it Free of charge. On a couple of other occasions I have broken parts and even though it was because of my own stupidity (if it doesn't fit, force it mindframe) I have called them and I have never had to pay for a replacement part. Someone along the line said to buy a RCBS or a Lee and when you break it consider buying something else. If you buy a DIllion you will never have to worry about buying another press unless you want to upgrade or you need an additional one.

My preference is the 550 because it was the most economical and I can do all of the rifle/pistol calibers that I own.

If I and most of the others have convinced you call Dillion and ask for Tim M. and he will square you away.
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