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Where do you even start with a statement like that? Yikes!!!
Well I can't effectively defend every circumstance, but gut shots are just as bad. It happens. Going neck andf hitting the jaw is a pretty wide margin. At least as far as going for a heart shot and gut shooting. Assuming you were side shooting the animal and arced up and left/right that's a poor stroke by some of the posts here As I said before, practice is more important than the type of shot and the center shoulder shot is the only PC shoy by general opinion.

I can see the front sight lift on my 1911 in recoil and KNOW if the target moves. I wasn't able to do that without a lot of practice. Id have known if I had blown the shot or the animal had moved. I've seen dust fly off hide in the scope of my 7STW.... Honesty... most people blink.

I also have some pics of 160 gr Nosler Partitions that would have blown the head clean off with the right rifle in the jaw. Ever think that a 160 Partition wouldn't even get through the first shoulder of a whitetail? Think again. (yeah, I can post 'em).
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