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To each their own. I'm not a fan of photographs like this, but I am an adult, and made the decision to do such. I am not offended, and will not lose any sleep over it.

But this is the part that concerns me the most:

Even if i did miss by a few inches ( GOD FORBID) and hit the jaw, the shock of a big fast bullet out of a 300 mag will knock a deer out cold , and he would bleed to death before he came too.
I'm not sure if you are serious or not. I hope not.

Where do you even start with a statement like that? Yikes!!!

Have you ever seen a deer with his jaw shot off?

I have, I'm the one who made the shot. I was going for a neck shot, and he moved and I botched the shot as well. He was not knocked cold, and did not bleed out from that wound. If he had not been shot again, he would have died of dehydration/starvation, not blood loss.

Luckily for me, another shot presented itself, and he didn't have to die a long miserable death.

However, this was not done with a big fast bullet out of a 300 mag, merely a 30'06, so YMMV.

I thought about that buck for a long time afterwards.


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