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Rich Lucibella got a few ?

Rich Lucibella,

from what i have read you hunt with dogs when you take boar. am i right?

What are good dog breeds for hunting hogs or what breeds are used for hogs?

if i am correct i have read that you sometimes hunt with only a knife and your dog and kill hogs, how did you learn? who taught you? is there info or books on how to do it?

What kind of knife do you use?

a few years ago my instructor of martial arts told us and showed us how to jump over javalinas. it was part of our training. we did it only if we felt we were ready. they were about 150lb. i have only heard about taking a boar with a knife.

i don't know if i could but i would like to read about it, and if time if i can find someone to teach me or something i would like to try maybe.

when i first went hunting deer learned a little from family members, in the end when we went i could not shoot, next year i got over it and took my shot.

i have shot a few deer in my life and a few hogs.
life doesn't give you a second chance to learn from your mistakes.
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