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I use a Lee factory crimp die on my Dillon 550 for 45 acp. Just put it in station #4, using station #3 to seat only. I have rcbs 45 dies, so I set up the rcbs seat/crimp die in station #3 to seat only. I had to make sure my ammo was in spec after I bought a 625 that had tighter chambers than my 1911.
One thing to look at. A buddy of mine just purchased a Dillon 650 last month. Since he was upgrading from Lee presses, he transferred his Lee dies to the dillon. He found the Lee dies to be so short there were not enough threads on some of the dies above the die plate for the lock nut to lock down the die. On those dies, he installed the locknuts on the bottom side of the die plate, as there is room to do so on the 650. He's now tickled with his 650. Lee dies and all. Plus I'm a lot happier with my 45 ammo now that I'm running it through a Lee factory crimp.

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