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Would you be happier if they published pictures as they actually would appear in the field?

When I hunt, I am not going down to the corner store for Cheerios. It is not simply an excersize in food gathering. Hunting is in no way the cheapest or simplest method to get dinner on the table. I am, however, excersizing and honing my skills as a controlled predator. I respect my game and like the challenge. After around 18 years of shooting multiple deer per year, I started looking for more challenge in in using primitive firearms and taking carefully planned headshots for the past 7 years.

Btw, I think the muzzle flash argument is worth considering, but I find deer more spooked by sound or quick movement than flash. If you consider the flash and smoke from a flashpan and the subsequent delay in muzzleloader shooting, it wouldnt be safe to shoot past 25 yards if they were that spooky.

The anti's are out there. They are more likely to use the pic of the AR30 than the deer kill. First, PETA has done this before with the fur and livestock avenues and ends up looking like freaks. The AR30 itself is more menacing to the public and I can see the headline from the anti's now: "Hunter uses military sniper rifle to practice killings. This same weapon also comes in a .50 caliber (AR50) that can kill from a mile away and travel through engine blocks".

Uh,oh. Now we can't post pics of our rifles either unless we continually just show our wood stocked, iron sight weapons. The assault weapons ban came out of this exact thinking and the fact that the PUBLIC was not familiar with the weapons. Looking at the AR30 some Joe Schmoe will more likely say "oh, wow, that deer never had a chance with a gun like that!". Nevermind the AR30 is just a good free floated and braked .30 cal.

Hiding our sport is more likely to allow people to skew the public view on it.
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