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It's truly amazing what you can wake-up and learn on a foggy Monday morning in northeastern Montana...especially in a reloading forum!

Why, I just found out that the Colt Python was developed around the 125 grain .357 Magnum cartridge! That's amazing! Considering the Colt Python was placed on the market in 1955, and the first commercial 125 grain, .357 load was not available until almost 15 years later...

Then I learned something about point of impact being lower for a high velocity bullet than the point of impact for a lower velocity bullet, because "...the velocity is faster and the bullet is in the barrel less time during the recoil...". This is earth shattering news, and I'm sure that Misters Einstein and Newton (as well as myself) are totally flabbergasted by this discovery! Here, I always thought that the recoil of a firearm was the result of the bullet and gasses venting from the barrel, and recoil wasn't a factor until these products of combustion I have "learned" that recoil starts the instant the hammer hits the primer...amazing!

Next I "learned" the "...the recoil effect on the gun is less because of the reduced enertia ratio or Gun to mass...".
And here I had been raised with the flawed concept that recoil was ((weight of the bullet in pounds x the velocity of the bullet in feet per second)+(4,700 x the weight of the powder in pounds))squared / (64.348 x the weight of the gun in pounds)! Oh, how have I managed to live such a fruitful life when my poor head was filled with such fallicies?

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