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Trigger Jerk. I guess it depends on what you plan on shooting. The NRA formula works pretty well on target loads, and even on some rifle loads. That is the 50/50 Alox/beeswax mixture. My only complaint is it is a bit messy, and I don't care for the oder. I use it anyway.
For the more potent loads, I use Lyman's Magic Orange. It is one of the hard lubes, along with LBT Blue (no longer available due to the IRS) And I think Rooster Red falls into the hard lube category as well. (I have not used that one, but have heard good things about it) Hard lubes require that you place a heater on your luber-sizer. I have 2 luber-sizers, one set up for the NRA formula and the other with a heater for the hard lubes.
Hope this helps somewhat.
Paul B.
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