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+1 on roy reali. There plenty of people eat a nice roast or a turkey etc but if they had to go down the yard and kill and dress it they would have a heart attack. They buy nice sanitised packages of meat from the supermarket and dont have to deal with the reality of hunt and kill then prepare to eat. So they would stop you in a heartbeat if they get enough of that sort of thing pushed in their faces. The fact is, we all in this forum have seen all this for real many times, wherever you shoot an animal it is graphic and messy. I personally always feel a little sad for any animal I shoot, it doesnt stop me shooting or spoil the pleasure of the hunt and a good shot with a clean kill, but I take no pleasure in making a mess of an animal and certainly dont feel the need to post it on an international forum read by many more than us. Time to be sensible and get on with hunting for the real reasons.
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