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haha somebody's a member of RFC!!! i shot squirrels today with my hmr. i shot 2 in the heads which were no longer attached when i got there, shot one in the gut point blank and didn't have to clean him, shot one in the back facing away and it cut off both legs, and the last one i just grazed the back of and he made it into a dead tree.

birds disappear.

are you annoyed with brad at rfc? the "tack post" is ridiculous. it is VERY plausible that you could knock 4 tacks out with 6 hmr shots. VERY PLAUSIBLE!!! brad likes to heae himself talk and the only words he knows are suhl, usrb, and impossbile.

the 86% on the tacks may be hard to believe, but not knowing anything about the guy's setup / conditions / skill i can't make a final judgement.

moral of the story is that a stock hmr will beat a stock .22 in accuracy just about every day of the week. it's a devasting little round and as match barrels and ammo come out it'll put those match .22's to shame. brad may diasagree with me and may build himself up while doing so, but hey, to each his own. all i know is mine is incredibly accurate and shooting it is addictive as all get out.
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