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Yanus, That's pretty interesting about the chilled shot. Heat treating (As outlined above) is pivotal on arsenic according to the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook. They say that it need not have much, just that there be some present for it to work well.

I've been out on L&I for the past two months with a back injury so I have some spare time on my hands. Gives me some time to cast though. Looks like I may just hop in the truck and cruise some shops as soon as I kick this damn flu bug that's going around.

Here's another question: When I hit the range, if I'm the only person there, I'll stop at the pistol range and scrounge up 10 or 15 lbs of fired bullets. Most of them are plain cast, probably factory, with a few FMJ's with exposed lead base. How about some opinions, hopefully from someone who has a Saeco hardness gauge, as to the average hardness of these melted down. I'm gonna guess they'll be between WW (9) and Lino (22). Maybe averaging around 12 or so.

Does anyone happen to know how hard factory lead bullets are?

Thanks again guys!

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