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Yup, pretty close. One of the guys I work with has a Marlin in .17 HMR with a BSA Sweet 17 scope on it. On our days off we go out hunting tundra squirrells(sp?) in the summer. It litterally turns the little rats inside out.
He created a sewing job on a mink pelt rather than letting me shoot it with a
.22 short. Then about 2 weeks ago we were out fox hunting and he killed a fox at about 100 yrds with one shot with only early morning twilight and a spotlight to light up his eyes. The fox started to run after being hit and just fell over.
The original 17 grain CCI TNTs are a little more destructive than the 20 grain Gamepoints, but they're still devastating and tend to leave big holes in good fur at close range.
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