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Pumpblast. When casting, I like to keep it simple. I use 10 lb. wheel weights and 1 lb. linotype. This gives just enought tin to cast well, and heat treats to as high as 32 BHN.
When I used my wifes oven, I used a temperature of 450 degrees. However a colored film formed on the glass of the door, looking like a weak form of the lens coating you see on scoped and camera lenses. So I went out and bought a new toaster over to use in my workshop. At 450 degrees, the bullets slumped, but 425 degrees worked out fine.
Most wheel weights have enough tin in them to cast reasonably well. If I were you, I'd take a 50/50 solder bar and cut it into fourths. Try that, and if it casts well, go no further. That should make a good handgun bullet, and if you heat treat them, your 06 should well also.
There are some articles on cast bullet on
( and (
This is a 3 part article, and I gave all 3 links to it, as I'm not sure you can get all 3 otherwise.
I liked them well enough to print them out for future refernce.
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