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I reload for 9MM and 380 cal.I bought a SDB
for 185.95 and all other acsessorys for a total of about 290.00. That is dies for both the 9mm and the 380.

I have reloaded about 3500 rounds now at a cost of about 5.6 cents per round on the 9MM and about 5.1 cents for the 380.
and average of $2.80 per 50 rounds.

If the factory reloads you are buying are 3D
then in my opion your are headed for trouble has I had one bullet stick in my barrel and have had friends with the same problum.

At the price I pay for my reloads, I am shooting high grade ammo that is very accurate and i can control recoil and volocity.

so overall I am getting a cheaper round with much higher quality


If you want a Square deal B for 185.95 E'mail me and I will give you the # for the gun shop that sells them!
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