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I am a fairly new shooter. I have been saving my brass in case I decide to reload some day. I would reload if it were cost effective. Right now, the only caliber I shoot is 9mm. I can get Winchester white box ammo at Wal-Mart (which shoots OK, but is a bit dirty) for 14 cents a round. I bought some factory reloaded ammo at a gun show for 10 cents a round. I have read that reloads should cost about half what it costs to buy factory ammo. That means that it will take about 5000 rounds for a Dillon Square Deal press to pay for itself.

So, I went to a sporting goods store to check out the price of supplies. This place seems to have the best prices in town. (At least their prices on handguns are much less than anyone else's.) Much to my surprise, primers + bullets for 9mm cost about 12 cents per round. This is almost the same price as factory ammunition, and more than factory reloads.

How do you get the price down to the 4 to 7 cents per round that I have read about? I want to load FMJ, so casting my own lead isn't an option.

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