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The dillon 650 is a great press,i would not recommend another.I have a 1050,which i have had for 4 or 5 years and use it on 45 acp.The accuracy is amazing I can`t say enough about it.I also would get the dillon scale and the optional case feed for the 650.The dillon dies in my opinion are some of the best dies out thier .I do not like the lee dies even though i have a few sets of them.You may pay a few dollars more for the dillon dies but they are really designed to be used for the progresive presses as the lee dies do not work as good or as smooth on my 1050.The case cleaner you can get from midway or will also need a good case trimmer .i got mine from other thing you might need is a case swager if any of your brass has a military crimp.and also you will need a good caliper and a few case gauges .Finally dont forget to get some good reloading manuels like the ones from Lyman

hope this helps

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