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Ok. Buying ammo is starting to get expensive. Very expensive. It breaks down to 400-500 rounds of .308, 400 rounds of .223, 500 rounds of 9mm and .45, and about 200-300 rounds of .38/.357. Per month. There are other calibers, but these are the highest volume I shoot. In all, 8 rifle and 6 handgun calibers.

Reloading has always interested me, just not been necessary till now. I have Lymans 47th and I have read it thru. I understand the very rudiments of the process. Problem is, I dont know what the heck equipment to buy! I know I dont want a single stage, and I know I want a Dillon. Probably a 650.

I have searched these forums for the right setup for me, but it is really overwhelming with all the options and manufacturers.

With a cap of $1000 dollars, how would you spend it? I know Lee Dies are highly regarded..but which ones? I know the vibratory tumbler from Midway USA is a good deal. Check. I know Dillon makes good presses, but the accessories are over priced. Turn to RCBS for that?

Please help me out here, im very motivated and ready to do this. I am reading everything I can get my hands on. But I need a final setup. Everything essential needs to be included.

Bullets, brass (i have plenty), powder and primers are above and beyond. The $1000 is only for equipment.

My sincerest graditude for any and all help and advise.

Did I miss anything? Whew!


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