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17 hmr

People say the 17 hmr can make crows go up in feathers and make rabbits at 100 yrds look like they have been hit with a grenade. I find this hard to believe after watching dog be gone when the pdogs were shot with the 17 hmr they jumped a little. But i really only read this on RFC lots of the other forums say they were disappointed by the effect it had on animals. Some of the people claim to shoot and hit thumbtacks at 100 yrds and have a 86% hit rate and at 150 yrds a 60% hit rate and 200 a 12.5% hit rate. If there was even a 5 mph wind the 17 hmr would get pushed 2 inches at 100 yrds and I'm sure that would effect how you could hit those tiny tacks. So is the 17 hmr really what people say it is?

Sorry if a offend anyone i don't mean to.
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