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Well , I wouldn't go the 296 route personally, cause I don't need that much religion, plus its rather hard on Smiths as well. The burn rate and the peak pressure are significant on the stress and the "shaking loose" that smiths have been known to exhibit. I have no doubt that the XTP will perform at 950fps much less the 1050 your crony shows.

I tend to like to "hot load" 44S&W for the 3" barrel ( since I don't own a 44 S&W chambered revolver) load them to about 24 to 27 kpsi which is about 1000/1020 fps in the 240gr. uses less powder and the burn is hotter than downloading the 44mag. I stick with Unique for this job and it never fails me!

Try shooting your 1050 loads at wet phone books and see if you don't get excellent results.

What part of "INFRINGED" don't they understand?

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