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A lot of people would say that a 3" .44 Mag is a waste because major velocity can't be reached. I tend to agree to some extent, but still very much enjoy shooting this short and ported S&W 629. I like 240 grain bullets in this caliber, particularly Hornady XTP's.

Is it possible to get these 240's over 1150 fps without blowing lots of unburnt powder out the barrel? I've tried several different powders...Blue dot, AA #5, 7, and 9, WW231. I reach a certain point where more powder doesn't propel the bullet much faster, only gives a more religious experience, creating the impression of higher velocity. Chrony says otherwise. Incidently, this gun/load combination loves AA#5...around 14 grains under the 240 XTP. Accurate, and consistant as all get out velocities. Any thoughts on getting more velocity from this rig would be appreciated. (yes, I know lighter bullets, but that's not what I'm asking)
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