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Bar .308 / Rem 7400

Saw your post and even though it quit old, I wanted to add something for interest. I purchased a Remington 7400 in .243 last year on impluse. I always want a auto loader for hunting varmints. It has manual sites and I mounted a see through set of rings and a Nikon 3-9 X 40 BuckMaster scope. Gun is a excellent three to five shot rifle for two or more coyotes.

My next want was a longer range knockdown rifle for larger game. I found a Browning BAR Black Lightweight Stalker in .308 and is it a excellent white tail and hogs rifle. Also, holds four plus one in the chamber for rapid fire when needed.

Now here's the kicker.

I not satified completely with either gun today. Just shot a friends Armalite AR-10A4 Flat Top in a .243 with a ten round magazine. Oh boy how sweet it is ! The 1 MOA is excellent for target and the fast action will allow you to pan for yotes on a dead run. And I mean dead. We shot two that where running away from us and hides are on the board.

If anyone is intersted the BAR it FOR SALE for $650 complete with 1" rings. NO SCOPE but will pay shipping & insurance to your FLL.

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