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Howdy fellas.

Hope ya'll had a Merry Christmas.

Just finished up the last day of a 3 day hunt with the 30-06 ATR.

Got a 6pt on the first day, an 8pt and a doe on the 2nd, and today we ate part of the 6 pt. and I rested, no sense in being greedy.

I also took a turkey buzzard at about 150 yds with a dead center chest shot. Buddy, it came off the branch like a downed kamikaze plane
(In case you're wondering it was too close to my 8 ptr.)

The doe was about 130yds away and both bucks at about 165yds. The only one that got more than a step after being shot was the 6pt and he got about 10yds before folding.

I can tell you that the ATR didn't hiccup once and neither did the scope. I was using Remmy's core lokt 180gr and everything was perfect.

I figure I'll get back at least a couple of more times before the season ends, but right now, I'm as giddy as schoolgirl on prom night.
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