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Haven't got them yet. There is a full description on IMI's website (minus the ballistics, of
course ).

From IMI:9mm DICUT™ Diamond-Cut™
Jacketed Hollow PointOur engineering team developed this cartridge, with its unique
diamond-cut bullet nose, filling the need which is not met by conventional round-nose
ammunition. The shape of the hollow cavity in the nose of the bullet enables the cartridges in the DICUT™ line to fire smoothly in law enforcement weapons. Penetration, combined with stopping power, accuracy, and a high expansion ratio make the round ideal for police use.

I'm guessing that the velocity will be around that of their 115gr. "Black-Tip" subgun ammo. If this is a decent round, (and if my prior experiences with IMI ammo are any
indication, it will be!) it beats the hell out of paying mega-$$$$$ for SXTs, Hydra-Shocks, Cor-Bon, or the other "premium" self-defense loads!Just wish I could get the
ballistics!Take Care- Dakotan
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