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WOW, loaded up almost a hundred of Killer's Heavy .45LC loads, see his post earlier this thread. Let me tell you what, if you are lookign for heavy, you got it.

What I actually wound up with was this:
255grn lead
25grn Winchester 296
CCI 300 Large pistol primers
New Winchester Brass

I wish that I had access to testing equipment, those loads were cooking. Blinded the guy in the lane next to me, good thing he was a friend, and the range owner was overheard saying a few choice words about the noise. Those loads definitely had felt recoil in my big Super Redhawk, can I recomend good shooting gloves or a brain surgeon if your are going to shooting more than a 12 in a lighter gun. Killer shot 6 out of a Ruger Vaquero and knew he had shot a gun, now I know why.

BTW, the loads had good accuracey at 25 yrds.

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