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What is the Redding Profile Crimp die. I am probably headed out today to buy some powder and bullets to reload for the .45LC, I am going to load them hot to simulate a medium .454 load.

I know in the past when killer45auto loaded hot .45LC, there was a bit of a problem with the bullet backing out of the case under the extreme recoil in his Ruger Vaquero. That was using the Lee one-stage reloading press. So seeing something about a good crimper for the .45LC caught my attention. I will look for a Redding web-site, if you have a link handy how about posting it please. I found the site here is the link

One reason here in GA we are experimenting with the heavy loads in the .45LC is that GA requires that you have 500ft-lbs of energy at 100yards for a handgun to be considered legal to hunt. Killer45 has been doing all the research on the loads, but it seems right now that the .44mag is likely the smallest gun with factory ammo to be legal in GA. Therefore it takes a heavy handloads in the .45LC that matches or surpasses the .44mag to be legal, or Cor-bon's +P .45LC. I think the requirements are a little excessive.

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