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You can load a Ruger to levels that equal the 44 Mag. loads in a suitable revolver.

My favorite load is:

325 gr. LBT hard cast bullet
21.5 gr. of Win. 296
W-W case
CCI Magnum primer

This is a very heavy load with considerable recoil. I had to have Hamilton Bowen fit a taller front sight along with his rear sight as the original sights would not adjust enough to get on paper. The gun is a Ruger Blackhawk Stainless with a 5-1/2" barrel.

I use an Uncle Mikes padded shooting glove with the stock grips. The glove allows me to shoot 50 rounds without much trouble (or pain).

DO NOT use this load in anything other that a Ruger or Contender. Work up to this load in your revolver, do not start out with it right of way.
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