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Hey there bigboredave,

I have a .454 which also shoots .45LC ammo, I haven't had time to work up any loads for the LC yet, but my friend Killer45auto has, and WOW the heavy loads are heavy.

What type of gun are you going to be using to shoot these heavy loads? In the reloading books the only two Manufactures recommended are Ruger and Freedom Arms. Make double sure you firearm will be able to handle these heavy loads, because you will be dealing with some high pressure "MAGNUM" like rounds when you fully load the .45LC

The type of gun also makes a big difference, ask Killer45auto about his experience with full-house .45LC loads, and you'll get a OUCH for an answer. Killer and I have both shot the .454 Casull with factory hot loads from Cor-bon, and compared to the heavy .45LC loads in a Ruger Vaquero, the .454 was very pleasant and mild. Unless you like holding on to your gun with one finger and the barrel pointing at your head after you fire the first shot of heavy .45LC.

I will be interested in seeing what kind of responses you get about heavy loads for the .45LC because I probably will reload the .45LC hot to shoot in my Ruger Super Redhawk .454 in order to save a little money or just out of curiousity.

OOPS, you said blackhawk, good! I'll leave the other part of my post just in case somebody else with a 45LC get interested in shooting Heavy loads and wonders about what type of gun they could use.

Keep on hitting the Bulls-eye,

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