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I do

I've switched to mil-surps almost exclusively and re-load the hunting ammo I use for them all, except the 7.62x39. Just a personal thing, I wouldn't hack on an original mil-surp, but would have no qualms about finding one already hacked and making it into a fine hunting gun. My M-43 Spanish Mauser is a real tack driver and has all the power and range I need for North American hunting, but I really am looking forward to scout mounting a scope on my M95 Steyr as it packs a real punch and is very unusual in it's own right. When talking mil-surps, I could go on and on and on....................

Oops, forgot part two of the question. M43 is used for everything and it took 2 deer this year. M95 Steyr, if accurate enough, will most likely get a lot of use , also on everything. Looks like it could be a great full power fast handling brush gun. This year it took a small black bear. M-1 carbine eventually for deer at least once (don't get going on that power thing, eh!) Otherwise, whatever and whenever, i have a lot of mil-surps but not much hunting time. We do mostly whitetails but occasionally head west for Elk.
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