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I'll tell you another secret on how I get the cylinder crud out. As you know the cylinder crud is really bad with lead bullets and here is what I do.

1) have the chambers polished. Crud comes off a super smooth surface easier.

2)chuck a "Chamber brush" (available from Midway and others) into a cordless drill. Dip the brush in your favorite solvent and scrub it out.The "chamber brush" is larger diametre than a bore brush. About 10 seconds in each hole, depending on how dirty they are.

3) Dry with clean patch.. Wahlah! It's that easy.

Helpful Hints:

You can hone your own cylinder with oil and hones from Brownells

remove the cylinder from the gun

Instead of a "chamber brush" you can use a smaller bore bush wrapped with either 100% copper mesh (cleaning pads from Wal Mart) or a product called "gun Brite" cleaning pad from Midway

You can also use the method dry but it takes longer than with solvent. The dry method works great in the field for a quickie clean.
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