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Update on The Mighty Hussar

Sorry gang, I haven't been around lately. But I do have occasion to add back to this thread, especially now that people are asking for an update.

As of this month, Hussar has earned four passes on his hunt tests, and has earned his AKC Junior Hunter Certificate! I don't know if everbody is up on what all that's about (and I wil readily defer to any old-time AKC folks out there), but basically at the Junior level, you answer the question "Can that dog hunt?". Well in Hussar's case, the answer is yes

I did participate in a fair amount of training this past year (heck, I needed it more than Hussar ), but even so, Hussar had four passes in four tests; I think he's quite the natural. The breeder also think Hussar is a show dog, since he is rather a striking specimen of the breed, so we might get into that. He needs more obedience training before he can step into the ring, so we'll be concentrating on that this next year. Still, I'll be taking him to my club's hunt test training so he can go for his Senior certificate, he has been pretty much training at that level all the time.

In short, I am very pleased with Hussar.He is quite the companion, and he only barks when there's really something on the other side of the fence, so he's a good watchdog, too. Now that I have had one for a year, aI can now recommend without hesitation the Vizsla breed to my fellow TFL'rs, especially those here in the desert southwest that need a shorthaired breed that won't heat up so fast, or for that matter, shed on the couch.
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