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HankL and others that replied,

Yeah, I forgot to mention what size bullet. It was 185 gr LSWC from Bull-X. The little Hodgdon Booklet that comes with the kit listed using a JSWC with 7.2 Universal Clays, so being a beginner and wanting to keep both eyes and 9 fingers, ah, I mean 10 fingers I backed it off a bit to 6.7gr.
I paid $67.99 for the Lee 35th Anniv. Kit and $13.99 for the .45ACP speed die from shipping/tax. So about $82 for the kit/die and 100bullets, primers, and 1lb of powder $41.50. A grand total of $124!! The kit comes with a priming hand tool, scale, sizing lube...etc. I just had to buy primers, bullets and powder. Their site is I get their catalog every month. The kit is on sale for February through Feb 29. Thanks again to all for the encouragement and advice on reloading!!

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