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The only real difference between the Ranger Talons that you're looking for and the SXTs are the fact that Ranger Talons (BTs without the black lubealox coating) open into 6 petals and the new SXTs open into 8. Functionally, there's little difference, and they're not the "Wonder bullet" that the hype would have you believe. In all of my guns, SXTs shoot exactally the same as Ranger Talons, and a pretty penny cheaper. They're supposed to be available to Law Enforcement Only, but as already noted, you can sometimes find them (original BTs or Ranger Talons) at gun shows for about $35 a box of 20 for 9mm. If you do a search on the web for Ranger Talon or Black Talon, there are still a few mail order places that have back stock. Expect to pay too much, though. SXTs, HydraShoks, and Gold Dots are just as good, if not better, a damn sight cheaper and readily available.

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