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Well, yes, PB you are of course right, but that is not the whole picture in reality for some people.

Some foreign cartridges are not freely available on the market in boxer(Colonel Boxer was British I believe!)...or if so not at a price people want to pay (EG Norma @$3 a case!) also some rifles prefer berdan (EG Martinis in 303). Certainly most of the RWS berdan primers are more robustly made than the majority of boxer types used by reloaders and can survive heavier firing pin treatment .

While it can be more time-consuming than the right gear, a super-cheap berdan re-priming option would be a ground masonry nail(10c)used as a primer-pick and a small sharp 'stanley' or disposable knife($1.50). You will also need a hammer and a piece of dowel (or ideally a crush-die) to hold the berdan case in a vise... but most people have one handy anyway.

If you do muck up a case or anvil...well...nothing lost, go to another one! Practice makes perfect.

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