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Peter - per your 'pressure signs' entry, it is again a question most readers would rather not tackle!

Of course ALL brass should be sorted into correct batches, but few do it. Even +P is different from standard cases and so are nickle plated.

My only personal tips are to (1)colour mark your cases and (2)make a "funnel" out of 1/4" wood slats to form a "vee" on a card table or bench. The cases are dumped at the broad end and are sorted by hand out of the narrow end of the funnel in a methodical way and put into bags etc at your foot.(used by - ARA(OZ Army)- at their ranges still).

They then can be washed in petrol/other fluid, dried and then perhaps tumbled in a gem polisher, if needed.

A multi-nail rack om a piece of flat wood also helps drying and ID of cases, (even at this late stage!)

My experience of auto presses/reloading machines is not good, with reversed primers and double loads in plentiful evidence locally.
So - I too use a Rockchucker press !!!

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