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Oops, sorry to mislead you folks a bit. This is my first loading for the .45ACP. I reload for several other calibers, but this was the first time for the .45ACP. I use Accurate #5, Bullseye, Universal Clays, 2400 and Win 231 already for other calibers. I wanted to use cast slugs for the .45ACP, and interchange the slug with a Cowboy level loading for my .45LC Ruger and Winchester. I think I just happened on the right combo for my Kimber with the load I started at. At first I though that the load was on the light side, being more than 10% below the data posted on Alliant's site. I wasn't real sure about the S&B brass, as it was scrounged from the local range, so I loaded only 5 rounds to try it out, keeping the load on the very conservative side. I was rather surprised that the Kimber functioned 100%, seeing that the load was rather underpowered. I loaded and shot 5, then after seeing the results, I loaded another 50. Out of the second batch of 50, I did have one that failed to go into battery, but I think the fault was in the poor job I did on the taper crimp,or bullet seating. I am using this load as a paper puncher, and accuracy and functionality are my primary concern, so it looks like I hit it right the first time. Believe me, the dirt is a small price to pay for the results I have gotten, and I could not be more pleased
Art, I think you pegged it pretty well, it ain't fix, so I won't broke it Think I'll just bookmark this as a super-accurate loading for the Kimber, and try a few rounds in the Colt Commander to see if they work as well. Maybe I'll be super lucky and have it work that way. Whatever the result, it should be interesting. BTW, the Colt is far more accurate than the Kimber is, so I am kind of anxious to see what happens.

Yeah, Unique is dirty stuff, but I like it because it is so forgiving, and has been good to me as far as accuracy is concerned. I did pick up a pound of Win 231 since I used it years ago with good results. I had a pound of it that was someting like 18 years old, and since I value my body parts more than $17.00, I just dumped the stuff out in the yard and set a match to it. Pity though, cause i read a discussion here a few weeks later about using old powder. Oh well, it was a fun time anyhow , plus the metal can had a bit of rust on it(lets you know how old it was)

Mikey, not to worry, I plan on reloading the 30-06 and the 30-30 some time this summer. Gotta replace the Lee with a Dillon 550B first though I kind of have this thing for lead slugs though instead of jacketed. I find that a good hard cast lead slug will outshoot most jacketed rounds in a handgun. You are 100% correct though, it is a most satisfying pastime, and is a large part of the shooting fun. It caught me off guard though to have my starting point turn out so well. After reloading the .44Mag and .38/357 for a number of years, I had expected more trial and error with the .45ACP.
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