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Just because your first load went bang doesn't mean there isn't a lot of territory to cover. When you consider the number of powders (including some shotgun powders like Unique) times the number of different projectiles, times the number of different primers, times the number of different seating tolerances, there is a whole lot more you can do.

First of all, clean up you dirty powder problem. Have you tried Bullseye or Winchester 231? Have you loaded lead bullets, plated bullets, as well as FMJ. How about truncated vs round nose.

Bud, you just got started. And, no, I didn't forget to mention that you are reloading for only one pistol caliber. What about 9mm, or 40 S&W? How about 30-06 or .308.

It is a great sport and reloading is very much a part of it.....maybe the more mental part. Have fun! Regards, Mikey

Retired, Broke, and In Need of Brass, Powder, and Shot. Will Work To Shoot!
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