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Trophy buck photo

30-30 carbine firing plain Winchester Power Point 170 grain ammo toppled this trophy axis buck. The shot was fired at approximately 75 yards. A very good choice for deer hunting.

Axis deer originate from Ceylon and Nepal but were introduced to North America many years ago. They are thriving in Texas and Florida on game ranches. Texas population is estimated at 30,000 animals. Suprisngly, axis do not compete with native whitetails for food. Axis are not browsers of forest plants. Their diets consist largely of grasses and forbs.

Brady Ranch of Florida has largest population of axis deer outside of Nepal. Affordable hunts for trophy axis deer about half the cost of a mule deer hunt. If considering a trophy hunt for exotic game, always check the size of the ranch. Bigger the better! Ask whether the animals are born in the wild or in a barn.

Good hunting to you.
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