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My first attempt at loading the .45ACP has been a great success. Function is 100%, feed is 100%, accuracy is spooky,(in a good way). Should I be happy about it or di#k with it? Methinks I got real lucky on the first try as far as the load goes, and should be happy about it.

Here's the load:
4.X grain of Unique (sorry, don't want to say exactly)
S&B brass, once fired
CCI primer
230 gr cast lead slug, RN
Gun-Kimber Custom Target.

Best grouping-Off hand, 5 shots at 25 FEET, not yards,
sub 1 inch, bordered on 3/4" to 7/8"-I fired this multiple times on different targets-Honestly, just one of those days when I could do no wrong as several other targets, fired from other guns/loads were also above my usual level.

Only complaint. Unique is dirty. Real dirty, and I did have a tiny bit of leading. The leading cleared out after firing 2 jacketed rounds, so I can't use that as an excuse.

Now what? Just be happy and keep cranking them out?
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