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First, let me say Im NOT much of a reloader! When I was a kid, I bought a lee hand press and .38 dies. Reloaded for a while, but then gave it up because it took too long. I just bought a Marlin Guide gun in 45/70 and realized how expensive factory ammo is. (last box of 20 cost me $21.00) So here are my guestions:
1. If I bought 45/70 dies for the old lee hand press, how much could I expect to save loading 45/70?
2. Is it worth the effort to use the lee hand press, or should I move up to a progressive? (Note, I probably wont shoot hundreds of rounds of 45/70 at a sitting, maybe 30-40)
3. Where is the best place to find info on hot loads for the 45/70?
Anything else I need to help me load for this round???
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