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Saw something like that a couple years after I first got married... wife and I were driving home late one night and stopped for a five or six mule deer does and fawns to cross thehighway. All did except the last young doe which trotted up the road while we followed curiously. At the crest of the hill, the doe decided to get off the road and did so in one graceful leap over the guardrail - to a railway fourty feet below! There was a train coming and passed underneath a few seconds later.

I went down on foot, not sure just where she landed - to put her out of her misery, I was sure she'd broken her legs... But no need, she'd landed right on the railroad tracks! Imagine the engineer's surpise at that one deer fallen from heaven...

I figure she was alright until that train started coming closer and she got the heebeejeebees to get outta it's way and couldn't see the drop off in the dark becasue of my "helpful" headlight assist! Took the leap in faith that the ground was on the other side of the railway. Ooops. No meat revovery from that one even if it had been legal in Wyo...
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