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I'm putting my reloading room together (see other thread) and I am exploring options for the bench also.
I looked at some of those bracket kits tonight. metal hardware- everything you need but the 2x4s. looked solid as heck:

bench hardware/bracket kit 18.95
4 shelf kit (2000lb/shelf cap) 28.95
extra shelf kits 4.95ea
8' [email protected] 1.73ea
something for the top ??
I'm going to use scrap 2 bys with plywood and white poly-tuff on top.
I think I'm also going to make an island bench with locking castors for cleaning, scope mounting, etc.

(my wife says I overdo these things. Of course she also didn't understand why a dog house should be 16'X18' with water and electric.)
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