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My Dad and Myself hunted SHNF for a few years but we lost alot of stand's...
They seem to just dissapear into thin air
So we started to get on lease's. For 500-600 bucks you can get on a decent lease for 1000 you can get on a good lease and for 1500-2000 you can get on a great lease in Bandera or surrounding area. This was the first year I've hunted that area Medina county I hope thats spelled right because thats how I put it on my Tag's. Theres a ton of deer everywhere and it's a 5 deer county. I shot my buck on the first morning I hunted. I think if I could have held out for a few more days I probally would have gotten a even bigger deer but when the biggest buck i've ever seen in my entire hunting career walks out in front of me well...
BTW I have limited experience with lease's the price factor listed above are what I have heard from fellow hunters and the lease in Medina cost 1700 a spot but theres Axis (I nvr saw one), Tons of Deer, Turkey and so many Hogs that I now hate them.
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