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No venison for Christmas this year.

We went up today and spent from just before dawn until 30 minutes after sunset (legal shooting hours) and I think I can safely say the second rut is over, kaput, finis, done. We heard a few, saw two (road know, they dash across the road on your way in, and one that crossed the path we had hunted in the afternoon JUST AFTER WE FINSHED PUTTING AWAY THE RIFLES FOR THE TRIP HOME!!!!


Ah well, there is one more week of the season left...through January 1. After that it's rabbits and fishing until turkey season.

The only thing that almost got shot was some numbnuts tha didn't even know we were there and walked RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE HUBSTER'S CROSSHAIRS. This was after he took a shot at something, with a gun that sounded REMARKABLY like a .22 LR. I can only hope that Darwin Award wannabe didn't hit a deer with that .22.

Then there was the Forest Service folks that decided to do a controlled burn today, and closed the road WHERE WE WERE but didn't bother to tell us as they drove by us and waved this morning.

It's been one of those days. On the other hand, a bad day in the woods beats a good day most anywhere else. And it got up into the high 60's which is a nice day for this time of year.

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