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Donna, what it sounds like is that your ejector is not properly tuned.

If you don't feel comfortable doing this or if you have little experience working with hand tools on metal you should take your gun to a professional. Tuning an ejector is a simple procedure, but in gunsmithing mistakes can result in injury or death. Anyone who alters a firearm does so at their own risk. Besides, for all you know I may just be full of hot air.

*Ahem, now that I have that out of the way...

If you know how to play pool you can tune an ejector. If you have an extended ejector it can be tuned with a fine hand file and 400 grit sandpaper. Just imagine the spent case rolling off of the front surface of the ejector ejector at high speed and file the angle, being careful not to damage the frame or other parts, and not to remove more material than neccesary from the ejector, Keep in mind that a slightly curved lower surface will roll the case and will result in a more consistent ejection.

The upper angle is the surface which dictates the angle of ejection, the lower surface rolls the case and softens it's blow.

When you cut it to where you think you want it, deburr it and take it to the range to try it out, you may have to further tune the ejector but if it sends brass where you want it to all you have to do is lightly polish the surfaces you cut with sandpaper (wrap the sandpaper around something flat and square and be careful to keep square to the angles on the ejector. do not remove too much material and slightly round-off any sharp corners)

If this doesnt work you may need to install an extended ejector, which should be done by an experienced pistolsmith, or it may indicate other problems with the gun.

***Oh yeah, and remember to keep your grip tight and lock your wrist when shooting***
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